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PUB Submission forms for Water Tank Services

PUBWTR-CS-WLP01 – Notification of Water Service Work By Licensed Plumber
PUB-INSP-WTIC – Inspection & Certification of Water Storage Tanks By Licensed Plumber
PUBWTR-0-WSW02 – Certificate of Satisfactory Completion of Water Service Works By Licensed Plumber.


MSDS(Material Safety Data Sheet)

HTH dry chlorine granular


Search for SAC-SINGLAS accredited laboratories.
Field of Testing: Environmental
Category of Test: Drinking Water


Singapore Standards eShop to purchase Code of Practices
Government Statues Online for Acts of Parliament / Legislations
Ministry of Manpower for Workplace Safety & Health Act Subsidiary Legislation
Ministry of Manpower Workplace Safety & Health (Confined Space) Regulations 2009