About Us

Established in 1991, we specialize in the maintenance of water storage tanks, ensuring that the potable water tanks are in a condition fit for the storage of drinking water.


Our cleaners are sent for medical checkups to certify that they are free from water-borne diseases and trained to work in confined space.


Over the years, we have cleaned thousands of tanks, installed and commissioned hundreds of them. Our work includes public housing and private properties covering all types of commercial, industrial, residential premises, state properties, developers and Management Corporation Strata Titles.


What are water tanks? Why clean them?


Water tanks are used for storing water so that there will be a constant uninterrupted supply.


As more than half of diseases caused to humans are water borne, it is essential to clean the tanks at regular interval; to ensure that it is free from contamination and that our health is not compromised during bathing, washing, drinking or in the preparation of food.


Regrettably, many people are unaware of the importance of maintaining the tank or even the existence of a water tank in their house until it leaks or overflows.


The Public Utilities Board requires that tanks be cleaned, inspected and certified annually. However, the mandatory requirement is not enforced for tanks located in private residential houses.  It is upon the onus of the inhabitants to keep their tank clean and disinfected.